Report by Pastor Philip McNeal, Walterboro SC

Another beautiful morning in Haiti! They all have been this week. I have enjoyed very much spending time around the table getting reacquainted with old friends on the team and making new friendships with others. I have been reminded of how important relationships are to life. This trip has been much about loving one another. Today, Jim and I will be leaving to head for home. This trip will be ending, but the relationship with the team members from Florida and our friends in Haiti will continue because of the bond we solidified this week. I praise God for bringing us together.

Yesterday , we wrapped up the Pastors Conference with some final teaching sessions and presentation of certificates and gifts. From the expressions on the Haitian faces I sensed how much they appreciate the opportunity to participate in this training time. Most have never had any formal training for ministry. They simply trust the teaching and guidance of the Holy Spirit, as we all should. But there is value in sharing knowledge and wisdom among ministers. This is exactly what the Pastors Conference is about. Personally, I not only taught my Haitian brothers and sisters, but I learned from them as well. Being here for the Conference has truly been a blessing for me, and I look forward already to returning for another.

Well, now time to pack up for the trip home. I’m feeling a sense of sorrow as well as joy. Sad to leave the people and country, but happy to know I will soon be reunited, God willing, with my wife and family.

Haiti April 14, 2017
Haiti April 12, 2017