Report by Pastor John McInnis

My translator, Pariton, and I hiked through the mountains to visit the families of the two boys I am sponsoring at the school in Z’Orange. Dieuson Riboule is 14 years old and has 5 siblings. I met with his father and siblings while his mother was at market. The father is a Christian and so is Dieuson. Frenel Lahens is 12 years old and has 7 siblings. His 11-year old sister attends school through the help of another sponsor. The mother and Frenel are both believers in Christ.

The student sponsorship program through Truth Evangelistic Ministries is a wonderful expression of care for children who would not be financially able to afford school were it not for the support of people who believe in helping the next generation get a Christian education. I plan on continuing to sponsor Dieuson and Frenel next year. I encourage others to participate in the student sponsorship program so that more beautiful Haitian children can attend school and know the Truth that will transform their hearts and minds for the sake of the Gospel and for the glory of God.

Haiti April 12, 2017
Haiti April 10, 2017