Today is the first day of the Pastors Conference, and the pastors are eager to learn. Praise the Lord that everyone was able to make it after a 3-day delay! Since we haven’t been able to publish photos, I have included photos of the hike up to Jerusalem II and photos of church last night at Jerusalem I.


Report by Rebecca Zoumberos

My cup overflows! Jesus is so sweet to bring us back to this beautiful country of Haiti and the sweet people of Z’Orange. We’ve enjoyed a couple of quiet days building relationships and loving on the people. One great highlight was hiking to the top of the mountain to the Jerusalem II Church, where we attended a church service and took communion. The rest of the team joined us yesterday, and we enjoyed a sermon from Pastor Philip in the morning and Pastor Jim in the evening.

Today I hiked with three of the local kids up the mountain to find the home of Rose Darline – the little girl we were assigned to sponsor. We found her! And she is sweet – and I mean SWEET. I was blessed to meet her entire family, and was able to hold her sweet little baby boy cousin. Michael has enjoyed playing soccer with the boys, and today he is helping Bro. Chuck and some of the local men work on painting and fixing up some new restrooms they just built for the church.

Pastors Jeremy, Jim, John, Sam and Philip are teaching over the next 3 days to a group of local Haitian pastors for the 10th Annual Pastors Conference. Our missionary team is such a wonderful group of people, and we are enjoying every moment of this mission. The children stand outside the mission house even as I type this calling out, “Becca! Becca! Michael – soccer!” What a joy to be loved so fully and unconditionally by the children–a glimpse of the way Jesus so perfectly loves us!

Haiti April 11, 2017
Haiti April 9, 2017