Today was the first day of the Pastors’ Conference. When we started there were about 10 people, and by the end of the afternoon there were over 45. Not all are pastors; some are deacons or Sunday school teachers. We were supposed to have more, but the government changed the dates for school after Easter. Most pastors teach in schools to make extra money. The schools were supposed to be closed the week after Easter, but they are now open, so most of the pastors who were supposed to attend could not. We may have more tomorrow–only God knows. I do know that the people who are here are the ones God wants here. I welcomed everyone, and Pastor Sean taught the first session; then after a break, Pastor Mark taught up until lunchtime, and Lane finished the last session.

Around noon, Chuck G, Simon and I went to Port au Prince to pick up Will Tiller. When we arrived at the airport, I told Simon to tell Will that I couldn’t make it, and that he was there to pick him up on his new motorcycle. As I parked and Simon got out to meet Will, Will called and I asked him where he was. He told me he was outside walking around but didn’t see me. I told him that I couldn’t make it, but Simon would pick him up, and then I hung up. Chuck and I laughed, because we knew Will must be thinking, “What do you mean you sent Simon?”–Will knows Simon doesn’t have a car. When Simon saw Will, he told him he had a big surprise for him–he was going to get to ride on the new motorcycle! Will didn’t know what to say. I know he had to be thinking, “There is no way I’m going to ride a motorcycle in Port au Prince, then up that rocky road in the mountains.” When he came out I saw him looking around for a motorcycle, and Chuck and I started laughing again–we got him! (Everyone who knows Will knows he is the jokester.)

By the time we got back to the mission house, Lane was finishing the last session. Pastor Mark, Pastor Sean, Chuck G, Simon and I went down to Sylvest’s house (converted voodoo priest). He actually attended the Pastors’ Conference. Slyvest came to the Lord about two years ago, and he had been asking me to come and visit. I knew he needed some batteries also for his radio. We had a great visit and, as always, he was very glad to see us.

After our visit we had dinner and got ready for church. This was Pastor Mark’s first time preaching in a Haitian church. First there was a couple of hours of music, then he did a great job–the Haitian people loved him!

Haiti April 11, 2012
Haiti April 9, 2012