Yesterday the Pastors Conference was rained out, and it may sound strange but – Praise the Lord! For His water that He pours on His earth produces the fruit for His children to survive, just as His living water gives us eternal life. Men are out today planting the seeds that will feed their families. It rained just about all day here – Monday night and Tuesday – and most people might have sat in the mission house, but not this team–they never sat down! The women were helping Ginette clean and the kids were outside in the rain playing with the children. They truly showed the heart of our Lord.

Most people look at missions and are always wanting to build something. What I have found out in the 15 years we have been here is that there is nothing, I mean nothing, more important than making relationships and showing the Love of our Lord.


Report by Tami Odum

Bonjour! We woke up to the sound of rain on the tin roof and started our day with breakfast and devotion. The rain continued throughout the day. A lot of our team members studied, others organized VBS supplies or organized and tidied up Ginette’s pantry, and then there were some who rested. We had a lot of time for bonding. Later in the evening the rain temporarily subsided. Several of us decided to venture out and take a mud-sliding walk in the villages. Dodo (Truth member, translator and friend) led the way through misting rain and muddy trails. We saw a lot of donkeys, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. We were able to take a lot of photos and talk to many in the village. We invited several ladies in the villages to the Women’s Conference this afternoon, and many confirmed that they would join us. As we walked down the rocky, slippery, muddy paths the children continuously stopped us to clean our shoes every few yards.

One of the most touching experiences I have experienced while here in Haiti is when we returned to our village the children and youth refused to let the “MOTHERS” wash their own shoes and feet. One boy walked and filled a 5-gallon bucket with water and came to Caroline and myself and proceeded to wash our feet. All of the children and youth were pushing their way through just to wash our feet and shoes as Caroline and I stood there very humbled, touched and honored. The Haitians showed a service of love and compassion. This is a treasured memory I will keep for always, and a lesson learned that love is shown through the simplest things.

Haiti April 2, 2015
Haiti March 31, 2015