This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Lamont Wesleyan Church in Lamont, Kansas, and their second church in Burlington, Kansas. Don’t ask me where they are–I just know they’re not near the airport. I really had a great time visiting with the groups that have already gone to Haiti with TEM, also the new ones that will be joining us in June. Jola Casey and Jan Kraft, who invited me to visit, have been to Haiti many times. They feel that they have a calling to help the women of the village of Z’Orange; there is no doubt they have a passion for the people there.

I would especially like to thank Pastor Steve, Ryan, Mark, and the other leaders of the church for such a warm welcome. I can’t say this about every church, but I could feel the Holy Spirit in both of these churches. My thanks also to both congregations for making me feel so welcome.

Haiti March 3, 2017
Haiti January 29, 2017