Mission Trip to Israel – Karl’s Thoughts About The Trip

It is said for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every great movement of the Lord, there is a opposing movement of satanic force, a squall line designed to get God’s people to sit back down and go away.

The crusade to Israel started over a year ago with great optimism and vision, a chance to return to the Holy land and share Jesus Christ. After a great start of 16 strong we encountered multiple set backs and ultimately 8 individuals met and asked, “Do we go forward, or do we sit down?” It was decided not to shrink back but to move forward until God stops us. We praise God that He honored our efforts as we pressed on.

Over our 10 day stay in Israel we witnessed the stark polarized beliefs of the aged old question, Who is Jesus? We wittnessed Jesus’ name being cursed to the proclamation of the redeeming king of our souls. We met strong resentment, as well as, passionate acceptance of the truth of God’s son. We met many new brothers and sisters and came along side of ministries that are resolved and committed to sharing Jesus Christ.

We also encountered the beauty of a land that has been destroyed and rebuilt by generations of people. A land where the prophets walked and spoke, a land that Jesus himself traveled through and sites that still stand to this day as a testimony of God’s plan and his power.

All in all as we look forward to a return visit – later this year or possibly the beginning of next year – to continue on with the great work the Lord has started and continues to bless. It is my prayer that there are those who will feel the call to get out of their pew and join us on the front line of faith.

February 22, 2008 Revival Preparation
January 31, 2008