We need help restoring Gabriel. Everyone who has gone to Haiti with TEM knows Gabriel, our military truck. Everyone loves to ride on Gabriel, especially in the mountains. We have had trouble with the brakes all this year. We spent about $3000 on parts and labor trying to get it fixed in a Haitian garage, and it worked for about a week.

Each time we are in Haiti and don’t have Gabriel, it costs the ministry $400-800 extra for each team, because we have to rent vans to take luggage and teams up to the mission house.

We have been blessed by a ministry in Haiti called Global Outreach, which is going to fix Gabriel for us. This is the ministry that David and Judy Heady ran for many years; they helped us many times drilling wells. Nicki Runk is now one of the men who runs Global Outreach, and he agreed to take a look at Gabriel. He gave me a parts list for the repairs, and will be working on it in January. This last weekend I went to Memphis to buy the parts to take with me to Haiti in a couple of weeks. Total cost of the parts was around $4000. We are not being charged for labor.

Everyone who has enjoyed Gabriel through the years, please pray about helping us get it back on the road so our teams can ride safely in the mountains of Haiti.

Please contact us if the Lord puts it on your heart to raise Gabriel back to life. Let’s give Gabriel a Christmas present!

December 11, 2017
December 6, 2017