The Lord blessed TEM and the people who worked with another very successful Haiti Bargain and Bake Sale. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord shows favor on this ministry and the volunteers of Wright Baptist Church. They worked tirelessly for 4 days preparing and selling all the merchandise that was donated for the sale. I cannot thank my church family enough for the love and support they give, not only to the ministry but also to the people of Haiti.

We were blessed with a grand total of $8,653.82. Wow!! Hallelujah! Only God can make gold out of junk. Of this $8,653.82, almost $1400 came from the baked goods that Gene Holmes donates to each bargain sale. And I can’t forget Jim, who carries all the cakes, pies and cookies to the sale. I wish I could thank each person individually, but there are so many people who participate that it would be impossible, so I just want to say Thank You to everyone who gave merchandise, helped us move everything, priced and sold the items. It was the Body of Christ working together for the Kingdom.

I would also like to thank Jessie Miller, who we believe had the idea for this sale many years ago. She mentioned to her husband Lewis that maybe we should have a sale to raise money for Haiti. Thousands of dollars have been raised for the people of Haiti over the years because of the obedience of Wright Baptist Church members listening to the Holy Spirit.

Haiti September 5, 2015
August 12, 2015