Trujillo, Peru
Where in the World is Trujillo? I am glad that you asked. It is about 9 hours (350 miles) from Lima. A very hard ride by car or about 2 hours by air.

Monday, I will be traveling with Karl Lieber and several other folks from the great state of Missouri. It is a two day trip. We leave Monday and arrive Tuesday. From there we will be traveling by van to a small community called Pacasmayo. We have raised money for two soccer fields and will be working with a local orphanage, hosting a VBS, and packing and distributing food for the hungry, and going to the Street with Jesus. It is going to be a busy week. I will try to keep you updated if I can get some internet. In the meantime, please pray for safe travels. Pray that the Gospel will be heard and that all this will be done in Jesus’s name. We leave Monday May 1st and return May 12th. I am so excited to be Going and Giving and Sharing the Gospel! Stay tuned for more!

Dominican Republic
This year has been a struggle to get onto a plane and to Go. Our group started back in December trying to fly into the Dominican Republic. “No room in the Inn”, that is what we were told for the months of January and February where we had a credit. Then in March the airline ticket prices tripled. Finally, last week we secured airline tickets for a small vision group to Santo Domingo, DR for the last week of June. We will be visiting with another ministry Love Serves. They partner with the local churches to “Equip the Saints”. They work with the churches to go to the streets and reach the people affected by poverty, drugs and crime ridden neighborhoods in the Name of Jesus. We are excited to see what God has planned for us when we arrive. Visit

Kenya, Africa
Jan and Jola have been planning a trip to Naomi’s Village in the Fall. They will be interacting with children and their parents at the Village. The Mission is to give the children a better life through Education and Jesus. We know the only way to get out of poverty is through learning. We are excited about their trip! Visit Naomi’s Village.

What about Haiti?
Our heart breaks every time we receive news from Z’Orange. We have heard the gangs have finally moved up into the mountains and into the valleys. The small villages that we once visited are now over run with violence and fear. We talk to Pastor Simon, Pastor Dievurt and Ginette most every week by text or by Facebook. Simon is hunkered down near Port Au Prince and tells us of horrific stories of violence and death.

Pastor Dievurt is still preaching and singing in Cabaret, just North of Titanyne. He also, describes the violence and chaos of the gangs burning and pillaging. He is so grateful for the gifts that we send him. He says he knows that we are praying for him and can feel the power of Jesus!

Ginnette has fled the country and is living in Nassau, Bahamas. She is working at a resort learning to be a Chef. Praise the Lord!

Brother Chuck is living out his retirement in Ft. Walton. He has been in and out of the Hospital this last year. Please keep him in your prayers.

We continue to support our friends in Haiti with a monthly gift so that they don’t go hungry. We are not sure if we will ever be able to return to Haiti in our lifetime unless the UN steps in and forms a legitimate government. For now we are to Pray and Watch!

Thanks for continuing to Love on Us as we Go! We feel the prayers and the Power of Christ as we share the Gospel to those who need to hear it! Praise God!

The Long Road Back Home
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