So God’s rest is there for people to enter. But those who formerly heard the Good News ” failed to enter because they disobeyed God.”So God set another time for entering His place of rest, and that time is today.” Hebrew 4: 6, 7 NLT” It has taken many years for the Lord to reveal to me that I need to rest. I see my Christian brothers and sisters here in the states and missionaries overseas completely stressed out working for the Lord the joy is gone. If people see us doing God’s work with no joy, why do they want to be like us? We should have joy oozing out of every pore of our body, ready to tell everyone about this marvelous Savior we have that gives us this peace, joy and everlasting life. ” The only reason we can’t enter His rest is that we decide not to. There is nothing we can do or build that is going to amaze God so let us rest and have joy as we do His work. Let us enter His rest today. You can not have peace & joy without rest.

First Baptist Church of Batesburg, SC August 30, 2009
Water for the People in Z'Orangé August 10, 2009