Report from Brother Chuck
I had another opportunity to speak at JADA, which is a Christian organization working with alcohol and drug additions. They adopted me many years ago as their missionary. Don Mount is the founder, and through his obedience to the Lord, JADA is recognized by the court system as a helpful tool to get men back on track. JADA has sponsored many projects in Haiti, such as a widow’s home, church buildings and feeding programs, just to mention a few. It is my privilege to be called their missionary.

This Wednesday night I taught on 2 Chronicles, Chapter 20, which talks about the battle not being ours but God’s, that is, if we will let Him fight it and get out of His way. If we will just be obedient and keep our focus on Jesus, we will have the victory in everything we do. Afterwards I showed a video of the last trip to Haiti, which was in March/April. I always enjoy speaking at JADA because that is me sitting in those chairs 12 years ago. I praise God that he took away the desires of alcohol and drugs and restored my life and set me on a path to proclaim His name. I know He is a miracle worker because I am a miracle because of Him.

May 21, 2008
April 20, 2008