It is so hard to believe that the days here just keep getting better. There is nothing like being in His will day by day. He blessed us with a beautiful day of hiking up the mountain with a cool breeze all the way. It took about two hours to get to Jerusalem II. When we arrived I was so pleased to see the progress on the foundation. Pastor Faneless has been praying for years for this church and now he can see his vision coming true.

After checking out the foundation we hiked down in a valley past Pastor Faneless’ house around a small mountain to a little shack of a house where we had VBS. This is our first time to do VBS there and not only were the Haitian kids excited but the adults were also. They all made necklaces and drew pictures with canyons after the team presented dramas of the King and wicked servant and Good Samaritan. They sang songs and had a great time.

Afterward Pastor Faneless’s wife cooked us all a Haitian meal with what little they have. It is truly a humbling experience to have someone give you what they have, not thinking about themselves. It was a small bowl of rice with just a few beans with a sauce and then there was a few skinny chicken legs cooked in a red sauce. They treated us the way Christ would have treated us.

When we finished we started our way back down. We went a new way and it was very rough. Most of it was down a ravine that was full of rocks that made it very hard to walk on. We made it in about one hour and fifteen minutes.

Following this some of us rested and some played soccer with the boys while Brittany played a game with rocks that looks like jacks but with no ball.

At around seven I preached about fear and how God did not give us this spirit and we have to rebuke satan when we have fear if we are to live the abundant life He has given us. We had many come for prayer but we did have one lady who lives in the voodoo priest’s house (Oce an) who gave her life to the Lord. That makes one wife of a voodoo priest, a lady that lives in a voodoo priest house and a voodoo priest. I know that God is saying this is just the beginning. He is truly awesome! Besides this, we have had many people accept Christ this week as we have gone hut-to-hut.

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April 3, 2008
April 1, 2008