We had another marvelous day with our Lord. It was a little chilly last night because of the rain but it sure is better than heat. We finished breakfast and went right to work. Ken, Clint, Adam, Matt and Brittany went to work with the kids in VBS. Again they used drama to portray the parables. One was about the prodigal son and the other was about the King and the wicked servant. Afterward the children were asked to draw pictures of their favorite drama. They then taught them how to make airplanes and sang songs praising the Lord. They had over a hundred children today.

Pastor Wisney and Pastor Harry and I went to visit the man that gave his life to Christ last night and on the way we stopped and talked with a young man hoeing his garden. He said he remembered me because I gave him and his wife a ride one time up the mountain. We shared with him about Christ and he and wife accepted the Lord. Afterward he asked me if I could help him with just one thing. I asked what and he asked if I would help him buy some seed for his garden and I asked how much he needed. He said thirty-five Haitian dollars (less than $5.00 American). I gave him the money explaining to him that it was not me giving him the money, that it was God; that it was God’s money not mine. He and his wife were so happy and he said when I come back he will show me his garden. He also told us he and his wife would be at church tonight.

As we walked up the mountain we came upon another young man at his hut and he readily accepted Christ and said he would bring his wife tonight so she could. It is absolutely amazing how the Holy Spirit is working here.

By the time we finished with this young man we headed back down this mountain for lunch. The team with VBS was just finishing around 12 noon and we had peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chips, cookies and a cold coke.

At 1:00 we all left to go to the voodoo priest’s (O ce an) house. He had told us that he was going to burn all his witchcraft material and he wanted us to come. When we arrived he had second thoughts (satan had time to speak to him). He told me that he did not know how he would make a living if he destroyed all his things. How was he going to support his family and send his children to school? I explained to him that you cannot serve two gods and he understood but he was still not willing to let go of what he knew and trust God. He is no different than Americans. We prayed with him and told him that he had made the first step and that was accepting Christ and that God would convict him of his sins and he would know when he had to destroy his things. We told him that God loves him and we do too and he said that he and his family would see us in church. Please be praying for him because it is going to be very difficult for him. I have told him to stay close to the church and Pastor Dorleon and the other Pastors. Also pray for Daniel, John Wesley and all the voodoo priests in this valley.

We visited many others along the way and invited them all to church. Many have come to the Lord as we walk the paths in this valley and we pray one night that it would not rain so they can come to church.

Tonight Pastor Wisney preached a short message to about 20 people. The rain was so heavy that many people could not come.

Tomorrow will be another great adventure with our Lord. We will be hiking up the mountain to Jerusalem II to present VBS to their children. This is the first time we have done this; they are very excited.

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April 2, 2008
March 31, 2008